Large horn extension for WAV-SUB.
Accurate amplification of the WAV-SUB's bass, reproducing high SPL low end without the need to increase the amplifier output.
Delivery of subsonic low-frequency sounds and a high acoustic pressure with no effect on the speed of the WAV-SUB's 18-inch drivers.
Specification of WAV-HORN
Enclosure Type Extended horn for WAV-SUB
Frequency Response -
Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) Increased sensitivity using a pair of WAV-SUB subwoofers (producing an extra 5 dB at 50 Hz)
Nominal Impedance -
Power Handling -
Maximum SPL -
Dispersion -
Driver Configuration 2 × 18 inch (457 mm) ferrite LF drivers
Connectors -
Dimensions (W×H×D) 2443 × 1083 × 726.5 mm
(96.2 × 42.6 × 28.6-inch)
Weight 125 kg (275.6 lbs)
Enclosure 18 mm (0.7-inch) birch plywood
Finish Impact-resistant, Black textured polyurethane