The ART M-Five has been engineered to deliver incredibly open and natural sounding recordings available only from a classic ribbon microphone design.

The ART M-Five has been engineered to deliver incredibly open and natural sounding recordings available only from a classic ribbon microphone design.

The active element of the ART M-Five is a very thin corrugated aluminum ribbon mounted under low tension between the poles of a strong magnet. This classic design delivers the warmest and most natural sound reproduction available from virtually any style of studio microphone. With incredibly fast and accurate transient response and stunning realism, the ART M-Five classic ribbon microphone is ideal for todays direct to digital recordings. Although ribbon microphones are by their nature extremely fragile, the ART M-Five can handle high sound pressure levels approaching 148dB range. The low-tension 2-inch long, 2-micron thick aluminum ribbon design offers audio reproduction with smooth, natural extended low and high frequency response. The asymmetrical figure-8 pickup pattern has an extended sweet spot on the rear face of the microphone allowing the recording to accurately reproduce the natural space and ambient reverberation of a good sounding live room. The microphone's chassis is precision-tooled aluminum alloy with a dent resistant stainless-steel wire-mesh windscreen. The included shock-mount virtually eliminates vibration and handling noise, while at the same time safely securing the microphone in any position needed during the recording process. Although it is never a good idea to apply any phantom power to any ribbon microphone, the ART M-Five does include a protection circuit in series with the microphone's XLR input to protect the fragile ribbon element from stray voltages that could otherwise irreparably damage the ribbon.


  • Low-Mass Aluminum Ribbon Element Figure-8 audio directionality with extended sweet spot Extremely Natural Sounding – Ideal for Critical Vocal & Instrument Tracking Easily handles ultra-high sound pressure levels (up to148dB) Fast accurate transient response with stunning realism Low residual noise No power supply required Aluminum Carrying Case & Deluxe Cradle Shockmount Included

Type: Ribbon Microphone
Capsule: 2.5-micron 35mm Aluminum Ribbon
Polar Pattern: Figure-8
Frequency Response: 30Hz to 15kHz
Max SPL: 148dB
Sensitivity: -54dB (+/-3dB)
S/N Ratio: 70dB @ 1Pa
Impedance: <600 ohms
Equivalent Noise Level: 18dB (A-weighted IEC 268-4)
Dimensions: 70mm x 160mm / 2.75 inches x 6.5 inches
Weight: 8oz / 200g

Microphones Series OverviewCreated to complement ART's industry leading brand of tube preamps, tube compressors and recording accessories, the ART M-Series will set the performance standard for professional microphones in this class and price category.Created specifically for professional, project and high-end home studio environments, M-Series microphones deliver superior sound and build quality, clarity and an unrivalled tone. Three all new innovative wide diaphragm side address FET microphones and one compact format large diaphragm classic ribbon microphone make up the M-Series line.