ProKeys 88

ProKeys 88
The ProKeys 88 is the premium digital stage piano that doubles as a great MIDI controller.

he ProKeys 88 is the premium digital stage piano that doubles as a great MIDI controller. It's loaded with large, realistic samples—14 world-class instruments in all, including split/layer capabilities. We paired those great sounds with an 88-key graded hammer-action keyboard, delivering a realistic feel to satisfy the most demanding pro. The ProKeys 88 is also a great master controller keyboard, including a built-in USB MIDI interface for easy direct connection to your PC or Mac, MIDI In and Out jacks to communicate with other MIDI gear, pitch and modulation wheels, sequencer controls and more. ProKeys 88 pulls out all the stops in creating the ultimate playing experience in an affordable digital stage piano.
Our goal in designing the ProKeys 88 was to create an extremely musical and realistic piano experience. The caliber of a digital piano is greatly influenced by the quality and the size of the samples, so we started by giving the ProKeys 88 a generous amount of memory. Then, rather than dividing it up amongst a bunch of sounds you're not likely to use, we focused on the 14 sounds that are the bread and butter for many keyboardists—paying special attention to the stereo grand piano.
The ProKeys 88 delivers all the staple keyboard sounds needed by many musicians. Its flagship stereo grand is supplemented by an alternate grand designed to really cut through in popular music. The ProKeys 88 has electric pianos covered too. And the Clavinet brings one word to mind: “funky.” Acoustic and electric basses give you the option of layering a ride cymbal for jazz tunes. Vibes, ensemble strings and an inspiring warm, lush synth pad round out a great sonic palette for the gigging keyboardist.
When it comes to communicating with the outside world, most digital stage pianos offer little more than a MIDI jack. In sharp contrast, the ProKeys 88 inherits much from M-Audio’s years of experience pioneering mobile MIDI controllers. It incorporates a full USB MIDI interface that communicates with your PC or Mac via a single, simple USB connection—perfect for recording with virtually all MIDI sequencer software on the market. (The instrument features class compliancy with Windows XP and Mac OS X without installation of additional drivers.) You can even control your sequencer remotely via front-panel Start, Stop and Tempo buttons.